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Ease of use and superior image quality have made the Telicam II intraoral camera the # 1 choice of dentists worldwide since 1997. Streamlined and compact, the Telicam II reflects the best that intraoral technology has to offer.
With a Telicam II system in every operatory, you can give patients a much better understanding of their treatment options. The bottom line: improved communication leads to better care and increased profits.
The Telicam II Intraoral Camera offers clinicians and patients the opportunity to examine teeth up close in a whole new way: on video monitor– clear, sharp, and convincing.
By providing inside of patients’ mouths with a camera that is slightly larger than a pen and just as simple to handle, dentists are quickly discovering the innumerable benefits provided by the Telicam II. Though visualization and dentists interpretation of a presented area, the Telicam II enables patients to actively participate in decisions regarding treatment options.

Key Features
A. Ergonomic design for ease of use.
Small head for accessibility, with dual lighting ports.
Single lens with a wide range of focus.
Image capture microprocessing which makes use of a printer optional.
Networkable design at low cost, minimal wiring.
Each camera in the system can be used independently.
“Connectability” to emerging digital networks.

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