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Just like its predecessor, the Telicam Elite offers the ease of use and superior image quality and have became the # 1 choice of dentists worldwide. Streamlined and compact design, the Telicam Elite reflects the best that intraoral technology has to offer to current dentistry.
Its unique on-board micro-processor makes the Telicam Elite stand out among its contemporaries. Built to grow with your practice, this advanced technology is so easy to use, a simple stroke of the finger changes focal range from two millimeter to an extra-oral setting.
The bottom line is consistent: Use of an intraoral camera Telicam Elite will significant increased the profits of any dental practice.

Key Features
A. Ergonomic design for ease of use.
Small head for accessibility, with dual lighting ports.
Single lens with a wide range of focus.
Image capture microprocessing which makes use of a printer optional.
Networkable design at low cost, minimal wiring.
Each camera in the system can be used independently.
“Connectability” to emerging digital networks.

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