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Introducing the Automated Whitening Apollo Elite—the only handpiece-activated high speed curing and automated whitening light.
Automated Whitening Apollo Elite
Whitens both upper and lower aches at the same time
Simultaneous whitening of both arches gives visible improvement after just one 40 minute session
Portable and small size
Simple one-button operation
DMT introduced the new Automated Whitening Apollo Elite. The new automated whitening Apollo Elite allows you to whitens upper and lower arches at the same time with a simple one-button operation –no more slow tooth by tooth progression.
Just like its predecessor, the Apollo 95E, the Apollo Elite is a plasma-arch light that will provide you with a fast, easy and effective solution for curing and whitening.
HIGH TECHNOLOGY THAT’S FAST and efficient. The Automated Whitening Apollo Elite enable you to cure composites in less than 1/10 the normal time. You can accomplish in three short seconds what would ordinary take 40 seconds—for each increment.
WITH THE AUTOMATED WHITENING FEATURE introduced by DMT, tooth whitening can now be performed effectively. With the MULTI-ARCH WHITENING ILLUMINATOR, getting the perfect whitening is easy.
When whitening with the APOLLO IN-OFFICE WHITENING, you will see dramatic shade improvement and no sensitivity in most patients.

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