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The world’s best-selling and fastest curing light, the Apollo provides high-speed curing in 1 to 3 seconds and in-office whitening in less than 40 minutes.

Unlike other curing lights, the Apollo Elite cures all composites. When whitening with the Apollo Elite light and Forever White Teeth Whitening Kit, you’ll see dramatic shade improvement and no sensitivity in most patients.

The Apollo Elite has established itself in the dental community as the benchmark product for fast curing. With 433 pages of independent research behind it, the proven Apollo Elite is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment a dentist could ever own. Increased efficiency, convenience and unparalleled clinical success are just a few reasons why you should be using the Apollo Elite.

The Apollo Elite offers so many benefits you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to get one.

The Apollo Elite is a remarkable product that it will simply, effortlessly, and comprehensively change, forever, the way dentists cure composite material, saving both time and money

Key Benefits

High Energy Curing and Whitening: Excess 1800mw/cm2
New redesigned hand piece features one-touch activation
Easily wall mounted
Reduced size with dual handles for enhanced mobility
2 standard tips and 5 optional tips
Lower chance of site contamination
Significant increase in daily office production
Comfort feeling – no necessary holding the light for long, sometimes painful minutes
Patient’s comfort due to considerably shorter procedures
No more wasting time – and that means significant savings.

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