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Apollo 95E

40 - Seconds? I'd rather fight than give up my 3-second cure


Apollo Elite

Cures all composites.
Cures up to 40 TIMES FASTER than conventional halogen lights.


Automated Whitening Apollo Elite

Deliver uniform whitening results. Simultaneously whitening both arches


Telicam Elite

Shines a new light on visual communication with your patient


Telicam II

Offers clinicians and patients the opportunity to examine teeth up close in a whole new way: on video monitor– clear, sharp, and convincing.



With the Apollo 95E or Apollo Elite and the Forever White In-Office Whitening System, dentists can provide patient a convenient, affordable and safe procedure that can be completed in less than an hour.  Patients will get immediate results in one visit, though results will vary from patient to patient due toate results in one visit, though results will vary from



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