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Teeth Whitening

With the Apollo 95E or Apollo Elite and the Forever White In-Office Whitening System, dentists can provide patient a convenient, affordable and safe procedure that can be completed in less than an hour.  Patients will get immediate results in one visit, though results will vary from patient to patient due to varying factors that have caused the discoloration being treated.  Generally, yellow/brown discolorations are more easily whitened than gray/black discolorations, though with multiple visits, virtually all types of discolorations can be significantly whitened.

Apollo Plasma Technology

Plasma is undoubtedly the most fascinating and promising technological discovery during the last decade.  Plasma is the 4th state of matter and is in fact as old as the universe itself. Plasma is the source of sun's energy.  However, it was not until recently that scientists were able to find a practical use for it.

The Apollo 95E uses a high frequency electrical field to generates its plasma energy.  The matter is thus transformed into mixture of ions, electron, and molecules.  The large amount of energy released during the process is ideal for curing the photosensitive polymer composites.

The Apollo reduces the annoying wait for the patient and the dentist from 30 to 40 seconds to barely a few seconds.  Some composites cure completely in 1 second.  This is due to the plasma's high energy intensity.  The Apollo enables the average dental practice to save about 10 hours per month: 10 hours of annoying waiting.

With the total absence of UV light and less than 3% infrared, the plasma light is extremely safe for the pulp and is made even more so by the short exposure time, which is electrically controlled to eliminate any risk of error.  This short exposure time also indirectly enhances the quality of the restoration; the risk of contamination decreases dramatically.  Unlike halogen lamps. the Apollo plasma lamp is not subject to aging; the energetic intensity remains constant during the entire life of the lamp.


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