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DMT is committed to being the leader in developing innovative most advanced technology and products for the dental and medical industry market. DMT thrive to invent reliable and most effective technology to power products that provide the best business-building potential for our customers. At DMT, the harmonious combination of experience, talent, and market insight, translates to products' excellence.

DMT develops, manufactures, and markets advanced solutions for a wide array of dental and medical applications. DMT is dedicated to maximizing the performance and safety of its products through innovative electro-optical technology and state-of-the-art engineering design. Through its strong R&D efforts, DMT is developing new technologies for fast composite curing and teeth whitening systems. DMT provides efficient, safe, and cost-effective systems that enable dentists to offer new and improved services to a broad range of patients. To address the latest global market needs, DMT has introduced its automated teeth whitening light-based system for the dentistry market.

Core Products
DMT’s best selling product in the year 2000 is the tooth curing and whitening device known as the APOLLO 95E and its first analog/digital intra-oral camera known as the TELICAM.  DMT also market and sell its whitening gel for used with the APOLLO 95E systems known as the FOREVER WHITE.

Company Information
DMT is a privately owned company headquartered in USA, with offices and representation in major markets throughout the world. DMT is led by highly experienced managers with proven track records in developing and marketing new technologies from concept to application, and in building successful companies.

Sales, Service, and Clinical Support
Committed to customer service as well as to high-quality manufacturing, DMT provides its customer base with fast and easy access to local services and support. DMT maintains sales, service, and clinical support presence worldwide through a comprehensive network of distributors located in major centers throughout Europe, North & South America, and the Far East, among them the Canada, Italy, Germany, Australia, England, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Brazil, Mexico, and others.

The FDA has approved the Apollo 95E, Apollo Elite, and Telicam Elite systems.


With the Apollo 95E or Apollo Elite and the Forever White In-Office Whitening System, dentists can provide patient a convenient, affordable and safe procedure that can be completed in less than an hour.  Patients will get immediate results in one visit, though results will vary from patient to patient due toate results in one visit, though results will vary from



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